Release Year: 21/01/2018
Cast: CandieCane
Genres: Poop Videos, Efro
Video language: English

I have trouble filming poop videos, because as soon as I get that feeling, it comes rushing out before I ever get a chance to grab a camera! But last night, I had a bit of a warning and was able to grab my camera and film it! I had felt the knocking on the back door, so I grabbed my camera and headed out to the hallway of my apartment complex. It was about midnight, and most of my neighbors are night owls like myself, so ANYONE could have walked in at any time! I really enjoy the rush and excitement of knowing I could be seen by anyone at any time! I am much more comfy with peeing in this situation, because it is much quicker and easier to get away with!
So once I walk out of my apartment, I walk through the complex hallways looking for an open door to a public room to poo into. Sadly the doors were all closed, so I decided to go to the stair case! There was a door that was see through right behind me, but I was going to do this! I have only a robe on with nothing underneath! I set down my things and take off my robe. The first thing you see is my breasts falling out of my robe. I realize that it is a little dark since it is only 2:30AM, so I turn on my flash so you can properly see everything 🙂 Then I try to figure out the schematics of holding a camera while peeing and pooping! First I am sitting and grabbing my pussy. Then my pee comes spraying out all over the stair carpet LOL! Then I bring you in close to watch the last few drops of pee fall onto the carpet on the stairs in my apartment complex hallway. The next thing I know, here comes the poo! A light brown turd shows it’s head as it slow starts to glide out of my asshole! It is amazing how large my asshole stretches while these thick turds slide out! The first one slowly and evenly slides out of my ass and falls onto the carpeted hallway floor with a ‘plump’ noise! As soon as the first turd hits the ground, the second one starts to slide out of my tight little asshole! The camera remains close up, pointed at my asshole, and the turd that is coming out, I am still amazed at how easily my asshole stretches when I poop! The second turd is much thicker than the first, so my asshole stretches even further to accommodate the size of it. Slowly it slides out of my asshole, without much pushing from me. At this point I was lying on my back on a set of stairs, which turned out to be great positioning to let my poop slide right out of me. The second turd easily slides out of me and plops onto the stair below my ass with a soft landing noise. I then turn the camera angle down to show you my two turds, lying on the step below me, with a pee soaked ring underneath them. I was so amazed at what I had just done! I am just starting to get into this fetish of pooping on camera, and I was able to do it in a public area! I have to admit I was quite giddy! So I get up and gather the things I brought out into the hallway with me. Then I back up and show you the entire row of stairs, with wet spots from my pee, and a pile of poop on one of the stairs! Then I turn the camera down, to show you how far my pee shot down the stairs haha!
Then I start to wonder, what I am going to do with these turds I just released? I begin to look around trying to find something to pick up and dispose of these turds with! I happen to have a back door right behind where I took a poop, so I walked out there to look for something. I didn’t find much of anything, so I quickly come back into the building. I walk down the stairs and decide to pick up the two large turds with MY HAND!! I pick them up, show them to you, and carry them into my apartment. At the time it felt so natural, because I was more worried that someone may see me standing there and my poo lying next to me. I didn’t even think of how dirty or taboo it was to use my hands to pick up my own poop!
So I have my two large turds in one hand, while I open my front door. I shut the door behind me and bring my poo filled hand up to the camera. I start to tell you how strange it feels to have my poop in my hand for the very first time. I couldn’t find a work to explain it, other than ‘strange’. As I try to figure out what to do with it, I stand there holding it, and poking it with my thumb. I say that it feels so weird in my hands while giggling. Finally I decide to grab a plastic bag to put it in. So I head to the kitchen and grab a plastic bag. Then I hold the bag open and release the poo from my hand, into the bag. Afterwards, I show you the poo that is left over in my hand! “This is my first experience with holding my own poo” I say, somewhat contemplative. I stare at it for a little bit while it is in the bag, trying to describe my feelings about this entire situation, especially having to pick up my turds with my hand for the first time ever. I tell you that it feels really dirty, but I don’t really know how to feel about it. Then we fade into the bathroom, as I still need to wipe and clean up my hand and my asshole. I set the camera down and take off my robe. I put my leg up and spread my asshole to view it in the mirror, to see if there is any poo left hanging around my butt hole. As I am wiping up my hands and butthole, I tell you how I am feeling about holding my own poo in my hands. I just can’t put words to it LOL! I hope you enjoyed my first experiment with pooping in a public area and then holding my own turds in my naked hand!

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