Release Year: 15/03/2017
Cast: SamanthaStarfish
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Groups/Couples, Efro
Video language: English

I’m out at the park with my two friends. I need to poop really bad! My friends help me find a hidden spot right on the water. I climb up on a rock and squat down. I ask them if anyone can see me. They say, We can see you! I’m nervous about pooping outside where anyone can see me but I’m excited to be pooping in front of my friends!

I start pushing hard and out comes a nice big load oh warm, smelly poop! I just shit on a rock in a public park! I pick up my poop and smell it! Mmm! It smells so good! I want to taste it too! Watch me lick my poop outside in front of my friends!

I’m going to leave my poop right there on the rock for anyone to find it! I wonder what the person who finds my shit will think! Maybe they will get so turned on and smell it and taste it!

I love pooping outside and I love pooping in front of my friends too!


File name: Public_Pooping_With_Friends-girlgirloutsidepoop
File size: 588 MB, Duration: 00:03:23
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