Release Year: 15/03/2017
Cast: SamanthaStarfish
Genres: Scat,Poopping,Shitting,Scatting Domination,HD 1080p,Big pile,New scat
Video language: English

Mommy is here to change your diaper, baby. It’s time to put you in a nice, fresh, clean diaper and give you a bottle. Mommy will be very nice to you baby, as long as you have followed my directions and you didn’t poop your diaper. You were a good baby weren’t you?

Oh no! You bad, bad baby! You shit your diaper! What did I tell you!? I did not give you permission to poo in your baby diaper! You only go poop when Mommy lets you! You will need to be punished now, baby!

Since you love poop so much Mommy will dig the poop out of your diaper and put it in your bottle! Mommy’s going to turn your milk into chocolate milk! Watch me shove a big turd into your milk and shake it up! Time to drink your chocolate milk! Oh yes, baby, you’re right, that’s not chocolate, that’s shit! Mommy’s going to smear it all over the nipple of the bottle too! Now drink it, baby! Drink it, you disgusting shitty baby! You love shit so much!

You want more baby? You want to eat your shit don’t you! Here you go, baby! Here’s a nice big turd just for you! Eat it, baby! Chew this shit! Chew it up and swallow it! You bad baby! You bad, shit eating baby!

File name: Poopy_Diaper_Shit_Eating_Punishment-humiliatingthepoopbaby
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