MF-9079-1-1_12000 00051

Release Year: AUG 11, 2022
Cast: Bruna, Manuela
Genres: newscatinbrazil, scatinbrazil, mfx video,, NEWMFX, 2022 NewMFX Scat
Video language: English

Manuela has her relationship broken up and the reason was Bruna. The idiot girl sent a message to manuela’s ex showing some pics where manuela was kissing her. Now manuela wants to punish Bruna in a most cruel way possible. Manuela calls to Bruna come to her house, there she was imobilized and Manuela start sitting on her face, but the punishment begins when Manuela decided to shit on her face, covering white bruna in brown shit, ordering to lick her asshole and clean all shit from her ass. Manuela plays with her feet, deeply into Bruna’s mouth with scat.

File name: MF-9079-1-1_12000 S c a t F i l e . C O M
File size: 2.66 GB, Duration: 00:31:06
Video: 3840×2160, Audio: 128 kb/s
S c a t F i l e . C O M


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