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Release Year: 29/04/2022
Cast: LenaMaek
Genres: dirty anal, diapers girls, poop smear, shit pussy
Video language: English

Mmm, chocolate! I made you a special treat, babe. I made you a super tasty double chocolate cookie sandwich with some extra special “chocolate frosting.” Then I get it packed up and ready to discreetly ship to you. I hope you enjoy every last crumb! But I actually had a really, REALLY hard time getting anything to come out. I knew it was in there, but it just was not moving! I strain and strain and push so hard that I prolapse over and over for several minutes until I can FINALLY get the “frosting” to come out. It was quite hard, so I must have been much more constipated than I realized when I started to film. But I get the hard frosting nice and smooth and creamy for you when it is on the cookies. Please note: there is also a “getting down-to-business version” of the video where I cut out most of the prolapsing/struggling if you prefer just the food making part.

File name: rgf1311_scatfile.com S c a t F i l e . C O M
File size: 605 MB, Duration: 00:08:17
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 151 kb/s
S c a t F i l e . C O M


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