Release Year: 02/02/2022
Cast: janet
Genres: Scat Solo, Russian Scat, Amateurs Scat
Video language: English

Urgent Pantypoop in Public Store

Description: This is the most extreme public pooping I’ve ever done! Watch me fill my panty with a smelly load of shit in a very public and busy store!

I’m in a grocery store and I have to shit so bad! I don’t have time to track down a bathroom to use! I have to go now! I have no choice but to fill my white panties with shit right here in the store! I’m kind of excited about it though! I’m a dirty shit girl and I know it will feel so good to poop in public!

I pull my skirt up and bend over! Soon my shit is sliding out of my poophole! I’m filling my panties right here in the store! I’ve never pooped like this before in my life! My pussy is so wet from the rush and all the pleasure from shitting in a store aisle where people come around the corner and see me!

My warm shit feels so good in my panties! Look at that huge load of poop in my panties! I love shaking my ass and walking around this store with a huge load of shit squishing around in my panties!

It’s time to head home! I have to walk out of this store with a huge load of shit in my panties! I wonder if anyone will see the brown spot in my panties!

I’m am so incredibly turned on! That was such an amazing rush! My pussy is so wet! My ass is filthy! I leave the store, take off my dirty panties, and leave them on the ground for someone happy to find them. Maybe it’s you?

Leggings Pooping In Public Cafe

Description: Today I booked a table at the fast food restaurant and I tease you walking down the street in tight leggings. The guys passing by turned around and looked at my sweet round ass. But all they deserve is just to eat the shit out of my ass. Today I bought a Black Burger and Cappuccino. But soon after such a junk meal, I felt pain in my stomach and I really wanted to poop. But there was no toilet and I had to poop in my leggings right at the restaurant table. People in the restaurant saw a brown spot at my ass and talked about and I loved it!

Bad Girl Pooping In The Store!

Description: I love wearing my white leggings! There is such a thrill being padded in public! I love knowing that if I need to go shit I can just do it in public place. Watch me walk around in a household shop wearing a white leggings! I kept flashing and wiggling my butt! Oh! I have to go poo poo! I am going to have to fill my leggings with poo right here in the shop! Watch as I lift my dress up and grunt as I push and push right there in the shop! I am pushing out a big stinky load of poop right here in public!

Woah! It stink so bad! I’m such a dirty poopy sexy girl!

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