Hot_Pink_Panty_Poop_on_Chair_ 00037

Release Year: 16/09/2021
Cast: Sophia_Sprinkle
Genres: Desperation, Efro, Panty/Jean Pooping, Poop Videos
Video language: English

In between Zoom meetings, Sophia sits at her desk in her new hot pink panties and feels the familiar feeling in her tummy signaling that it’s time to drop off her load. 🚛
She pushes into those mesh beauties and out comes a fat turd and some tasty mush! The shit outweighs the panties and some warm, smelly brown ends up on her dirty little tootsies. What ever will she do to get to the bathroom to clean up? 😂
But she’s not done yet! Once on the scale, Sophia has to go again and increases the weight by 2 oz. Whew!
Shot in 4K; Featuring over EIGHT minutes of mouth-watering goodness.

File name: Hot_Pink_Panty_Poop_on_Chair_ S c a t F i l e . C O M
File size: 877 MB, Duration: 00:08:03
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 210 kb/s
S c a t F i l e . C O M


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