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Release Year: 30/07/2021
Genres: Period Play, Poop Videos, Scat
Video language: English

I’ve been on my period. I show off you at the very beginning My period it’s over because I had a sanitary pad in my panty which is show no bleeding. But here is my little surprise which is my naughty boy I saved 3 bloody pads from period time. I knew it well how happy you would be. I did well 🙂 I start to unwrap them out and 1 by 1 show you to cam close ups. Hm…. I also tell you I love being on my period and Love sniffing my own dirty pads. My own smells is such a turn on to myself. For sure you also don’t disappointed when I give you to sniff off the pads. Once I unwrapped out them I sniff over and over then lay on back during sniffing I just pee a lot. I can’t get enough of my beautiful pads smells. I also lick them one by one. Such a good taste has them. Then I going to get naughty and take a dildo as would be your dick and stroke it to bloody part of the pad. I start to get ready my tight asshole to penetration. I still sniff the pads during ass fuck. I ask you to take the pads and keep them for yourself. I surprised when fuck my butt because my poo is red from some beetroot 🙂 Reddish poo and period pads good combination. I talk dirty and sexy during butt play and gaping it as well. I ask you before the end where you want to shoot your cum? To the dirty pads or deep inside my asshole. Give it to me now 🙂

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File size: 1.12 GB, Duration: 00:15:43
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