Release Year: 27/10/2017
Cast: LoveRachelle2
Genres: Poop Videos, Pee, Farting
Video language: English

Laying on my stomach forces all these nasty farts right out my ass… mm, you like them? Stink, don’t they? 😉 I waft them in your face over and over again as you enjoy their stench. That getting you hard, babe? I wiggly my butt and giggle, letting all these booty pops fly.

Ooh, but I feel like there’s something even stinkier in there for you to enjoy… still laying on my belly, I press my thighs together and groundhog a thick turd–ooh, feels good. I push that turd in and out for a while as I taunt you, telling you to start stroking your cock for me… and puuuuusssh that fat turd out onto my thighs 😉 You like watching me poop myself? Good, I want you stroking your cock harder babe, but don’t cum til I say you can….

I piss myself too, for good measure, and I’m now completely covered in this fat load, doesn’t it smell? You like jerking it to a dirty girl who just soiled herself for you? Before I clean myself up, I want you to cum on my count, babe. I spread my cheeks and give you a peak of how dirty I *really* am… Now babe, cum on my count! Three, two, one…

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