Release Year: 26/08/2017
Cast: GoddessRyan
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Desperation
Video language: English

Goddess Just filled her tummy with Taco bell… Hmmmm Tacos, Hot sauce, quesadillas!! (Am I making you hungry yet? I am in desperate need to shit! I set up the camera just in time to catch this massive swirl hard Shit on Video.

While laying on my BACK, full body + feet I begin pushing the load out! A bunch of hard scat all together in pebbles begin to shoot out and then its not stop pooping into a huge swirl pile like icecream!!

I piss all over the load shooting in directly on the pile of poop, Take you for an close up view of my pile with pushing out some soft. I take you to the pile and go through my shit picking up my little chocolate nuggets that you just want to suck on like M&M’s.

Enjoy the scat talk and wonderful bliss of this shit

File name: Tbell-Poo-On-back-wm S c a t F i l e . C O M
File size: 304 MB, Duration: 00:04:11
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 156 kb/s
S c a t F i l e . C O M




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