Mesmerized into being a shit eater.00058

Release Year: 18/07/2017
Cast: MessyChick
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Toilet Slavery, Efro
Video language: English

I know your dirty little secret, how you have been buying up all the vids online of girls pooping, well today I’m going to push your fetish one step further…. Im going to make you crave the taste of my kaviar, and you are powerless to stop me.

Im going to mesmerize you with my smooth British voice and my delicate features…. prepare to crave something you have never craved before. I will re-program your brain and all you will be able to think about is my smell and my taste. When I produce my poop, you will be licking your lips and waiting patiently with your mouth open.

File name: Mesmerized into being a shit eater
File size: 670 MB, Duration: 00:21:40
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 159 kb/s




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