Release Year: 07/02/2017
Cast: Josslyn Kane
Genres: Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery, Efro
Video language: English

To start with you are outside a room, for 2 or 3 mins, in innocent clothing, telling me how nice it is for me to be there with you and how much fun we’re going to have. You tell me you want me to smell your special perfume. You place the bottle close to the screen and tell me to breathe deeply for a few seconds. Wait a few moments, then place the bottle back to my nose and make me inhale again. ”Can you feel it” you ask? ”Can you feel it taking over your body?” You make me breathe again, and tell me you’ve got something in mind for me. Something special. ”You are not going anywhere, you are coming with me,” you say.
We enter the next room and you are not innocent anymore. You are dressed in black pic domination gear and have me chained up for you.
”There’s no getting away,” you say. ”On going to get you fucked up and make you my bitch. You’re my bitch now.
You make me sniff more of your scent. More. You keep pushing me and you laugh.
You tell me to grab the lube beside me and lube up my arse. Then you make me slip the dildo besides me up there. ”You’re a dirty little bitch,” you say. ”I own you now.”
”now to take you all the way,” you say. ”Your dinner is ready and you’re going to eat it all up for me. You pull up your skirt and wave your ass and pussy in front of the camera. ”Lick it for me. Lick it”. You make me sniff more. And more. And more. Then you shit in front of me. You put it on a plate and hold it up to the camera and make me eat it all up. Your voice is close to the camera. ”Slowly” you say. ”All in. Taste it.” You tell me exactly how to eat it all up while telling me to take my cock out and wank it for you. You give me a countdown to cum as you instruct me to swallow down all of your shit for you. scatfile.com presents you with a large collection of new scat video!

File name: Yo1104
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