Release Year: 31/01/2017
Cast: Joss and Ella
Genres: Poop Videos, Groups/Couples
Video language: English

Sometimes I just dont feel like going to gym but workout at home. Today I was watching a video a friend sent and I thought about trying those exercises. Its a complex workout just as I love. After doing some of them I feel like shitting so I take off my leggings and take a huge shit. I always share everything with Joss so after I pick up my shit and put it in a jar I call her and tell her how good it feels to shit while working out. She tells me to come over and bring my shit too cause she will do the same and we can enjoy each other’s smell. I finish my workout grab my jar and go over to her place.
As we sit on the couch smelling our shit we are doing our friendship retrospection answering to a few questions. Many of u always wanted to know more about us and our fetish so here u have the questions u will find answers to:
1. How did you two meet and start performing porn together? What has the experience been like?
2. How did you get started doing scat?
3. What is the thing you enjoy most about scat porn?
4. What is the most difficult thing or what you enjoy the least about it?
5. What was the most exciting scat scene you have done?
6. Do you have any special scenes or ideas you would really like to try, if you could try absolutely anything?
7. Have you learned anything special about yourself while doing scat?

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