EATING and Sucking SHIT Off My Fingers.00023

Release Year: 28/01/2017
Genres: Scat,Poopping,Shitting,Scatting Domination,HD 1080p,Big pile,New scat
Video language: English

So I took a shit for this other video shoot I did… and when I turned off the camera, I thought, damn, that’s a fine load of shit right there. I could spare a moment to have a little fun before I clean up and send someone lucky my shit to eat, couldn’t I? 😉 I show off my nice, firm load, and stick out my tongue to taste it… mmm, nice, bitter sweet today. I pick up a big piece and stuff it right in my mouth–as thick as a nice, hard cock. I suck it off, and lick it–and a nice bit falls off–and I say, I can’t let that go to waste, now can I? So I lick it up… chew my raw shit… and swallow, eating my shit. Yum! I can’t eat more, cuz otherwise someone else waiting to eat my shit is going to go hungry 😉 but I DO very much enjoy sucking off my filthy fingers til they’re all clean, swallowing everything along the way… presents you with a large collection of new scat video!

File name: EATING and Sucking SHIT Off My Fingers
File size: 301 MB, Duration: 00:04:52
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